Take individual EQ skills or brain styles, add a team consolidated view and finally add a business goal to be achieved: this is the perfect receipt to win!

Brain Profiles suite, by Six Seconds, is a great start. Through these tools you can focus on individual contributors’ styles, enhancing (1) self-awareness, (2) mutual awareness (between colleagues and between individual contributors and manager) and (3) team communication. Through a smart and business-oriented language, these tools provide a fast understanding, facilitating team building activities and guaranteeing strong engagement.

Brain Suite. The Brain Profiler suite provide snapshots of your brain’s styles and talents to effectively use emotional and cognitive data. While many emotional intelligence tests and psychological profiles focus on behavior, these tools look at the drivers coming from your brain’s science. Brain Style is about capability. Unlike many “style inventories,” the Brain Brief is distilled from a full-power psychometric assessment. Participants take the SEI and responses are analyzed using a special algorithm. The profiles bring a decade of research into an easy-to-use single page profile with profound value for learning, coaching, performance management, selection, and growth. The Brain Profiler suite of tools includes 3 individual reports and one group snapshot. Check out the different profiles and find the one that meets your needs:

  1. Brain Brief Profile. Starting from neuroscience and 15 years of research on emotional intelligence, this one-page report provides a simple, practical summary of a person’s style for using emotional intelligence — how they are integrating thinking & feeling to make good decisions to drive positive results. The BBP is highly effective for development, learning, coaching, mentoring, team development and for managers to use to build communication with their people.
Brain Brief Profile
  • Brain Talents Profile. How can you best use your brain’s capabilities? Based on robust research evaluating thousands of leaders today, Six Seconds has identified the 18 essential talents to create the future. Like a smartphone app, these “Brain Apps” are tools to build effectiveness. Which “apps” do you want to run today? The BTP is ideal for career and performance coaching, team forming, and a wide range of training & development. What are the top talents in your team? Are you using them?
Brain Talent Profile
  • Brain Discovery Profile. This tool is comparable to the Brain Talent, limiting the top talents to three, but also reveleaing the bottom three. This tool is great to increase awareness on how to reach a goal, by leveraging on strengths and also focusing on how to avoid derailing factors.

In addition, Six Seconds offers a tool called Dashboard. This one-page report consolidates: (1) team EQ level and how this is distributed, (2) team aggregated brain style, (3) 18 talents (from top to lowest) and (4) Performances scoring (from top to lowest).


The power of this approach is given by the possibility to link these tools to a goal and to leverage on EQ, styles (communication), Top Talents, Lowest Talents to achieve it! You can find some practical examples in the Blog.

Another great tool to have a snapshot of your team is the Group Development Report. This tool aggregated the development reports or leadership reports of individual contributors. This focuses on specific emotional competences and their score. This also highlights the performance sustainability of the team and provides key actions to improve the team.