A little bit about myself. And about my path to grow so far…

Lidia was born in Campobasso and currently lives in Bologna, Italy. She got a Master Degree in Automation Engineering at University of L’Aquila (2012). In 2013 she started working as software developer in the automotive segment (Comau – Stellantis group), becoming then the head of the Robotics Product Management team and achieving a Second Level Specialization Master in Industrial Automation. After joining the Cambridge General Management Program, she started a new adventure in Philip Morris International, always managing teams focused on logistics and equipment’s continuous improvement. After 4 years in Philip Morris, she moved to Amazon as Program Manager and, meanwhile, delivered the best project ever: two children! She is mother of a wonderful 5 years old boy and a beautiful 2 years old girl.

Lidia continuously asked herself about what provided passion and enthusiasm in the various working experiences and the answer is always one: dealing with people and helping them to grow and to exploit their potential! So she decided to become a business executive coach. She is certified with Six Seconds, the largest global organization supporting the growth of emotional intelligence (EQ) by researching and disseminating effective tools and methods. Specifically, she is a (1) Certified EQ Unlocking and Assessor, having knowledge about an effective test that measures EQ and equips people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. SEI (“SixSeconds Emotional Intelligence” assessment) is used in 127 countries for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs. There are numerous published cases on SEI’s effectiveness and the norm base includes over 150,000 people. As a Six Seconds Assessor, Lidia utilizes a complete range of assessment tools and reports for individuals and teams around the world. She is also a (2) Certified Brain Profiler, being able to provide a complete range of reports and tools for individuals and teams in order to explore different brain styles and how rational and emotional areas of our brain cooperate. These tools are key to identify our preferences, individual/team talents and strengths as well as to help to properly match a candidate with the right job opportunity during a recruiting path. She is a (3) Certified EQ Practitioner, having the knowledge of precious tools that are key to coach emotional competences and to make steps forward with your emotional intelligence. Lidia applies these tools supporting clients to grow, as the learnable, measurable, scientific skills of emotional intelligence are at the heart of performance.

To learn more about ways SEI creates real-world value, read these case studies from Six Seconds (shortlink:  6sec.org/cases) or request for someone on your team to have a free trial of the tool and debrief with Lidia.